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A poem for Candice and my great memories with her

Abi and Candice

I met you just before my dad married your mum,
And what followed was a great friendship and years of fun,
So many memories I can't share them all,
But here are a few that give me joy to recall,

Summer weeks at grandma baa's,
With lots of long walks and not much need for cars,
Building dens in the bedroom, sitting on the beach and jumping in the river,
Unfortunately for you there was no local takeaways that would deliver,

Living with you in Cottingham and sneaking downstairs at night,
Making up songs on the keyboard with Danny and Lizzy by the lamp light,
Laughing about how many times Richard had watched road trip and pressed rewind,
To watch the 'juicy bits' we'd know because he would shut the door behind,
Waking up in the morning for to get in dads pick up to go to college,
And if your friends waved to you, you wouldn't acknowledge,
Because whilst in the blue truck chugging down the street,
You'd put your chin on your chest and sink down in your seat.

Then we moved too Frodsham street and it was your turn to drive it,
With me running behind to watch you it was amusing i will admit,
Then Jorell came to live with us and it was three in one room,
I used to sleep talk and one night you said I was looking for a broom,
You said I tried to stand up in a half asleep state,
You heard a load thud and i fell down like a light weight,
You see at the time me and Jorell were sharing a bunk bed,
He was the heaviest so i had to sleep at the top instead,
You told me the next day that I had hit my head on the roof,
As i showed you my lump you were laughing "that's proof"

The family loved going each year to Grapevine,
A Christian camp where we all had a great time,
Singing songs around the tents and eating baked beans,
Playing cricket and football and choosing our teams,
The funniest memory there you would always recall,
Was when i went off and you couldn't find me at all,
Mel let out a deafening shout, (ABIGAIL)
That the whole camp heard no doubt,
It sounded very much like a chicken in distress,
But what made you laugh most of all was the faint reply of yes,

Hedon church was a big part of your life,
When it was run by loud Jim and his wife,
Being in the choir together and singing on Sundays would vary,
Like when me and you decided to try shackles by Mary Mary,
Needless to say the congregation found it quite scary,
We also did church plays me you, Mel and Lizzy
It was funny when she forgot her lines she always was quite dizzy,
So mid play you stood up to save the day,
"I'm Jesus now" you said so we could get it done and out the way,

Our faith was strong together and we accomplished many things,
We started a youth group to teach children about the king of kings,
You showed your love for god through many different acts,
Such as forming a dance group at church with me even though I was crap,
You came up with the title 'white girl dance' for me so I could just flick my hair,
We would do it together in public people stared but we didn't care,

As if you couldn't get enough of me we then started working together,
You inspired me to work with children, you will inspire me forever,
The staff said "your sisters, but how does that work?"
We would explain and then look at each other and smirk,
You see blood, no blood, step or half,
We are all family and titles left no mark,

Needless to say time moved on,
You had beautiful Solomon and Johnathon,
I was so proud of the family you were starting,
And then you got engaged, no longer just dating,
You asked me to be your bridesmaid and i was filled with such joy,
Looking with you for dresses and a suit for your little boy,

Then the day came for you to become a wife,
Jonathon made you happier then I had ever seen you in your life,
After the wedding you moved away,
I was heart broken I wanted you too stay,
But i knew it was time for you too make a new story,
And god showered your little family with his glory,
As you then fell pregnant with two beautiful girls,
Me and Jorell came to see them and you,
Covered in mud from the assault course we had just been through,
You said "fancy going paintballing and then coming here"
I replied "we were in Wakefield two birds one stone my dear"

You asked me to be their god parent and I was so proud,
I have two beautiful god daughters I wanted to shout it out loud,
Then the time came for me to return the favour,
I asked you too be god mother to Sophia and you did not waver,
You supported me through thick and thin,
As a single soon to be mum you helped bring out my strength from within,

When I met matt you were really on-board,
You loved him and told me he was sent for me from the lord,
You already knew matt from many years prior,
If someone had told you he would one day be family you would have called them a liar,
On our wedding day you were my bridesmaid and you still said "it's mad",
We shared a special moment that morning and for that I am glad,
I read you the promise i had written for Paige and Skye,
You said it was beautiful and we both began to cry,

After that day I saw you at Christmas and we talked for the last time,
It was three months since we had spoken but it felt like a lifetime,
You were poorly then but still came with us to see The Grinch,
Sophia popped her head between the seats at you and made you flinch,
We talked and talked but looking back on it I feel selfish,
I talked about my problems but you listened and were selfless,
If ide known what I do now i would have told you how much you mean to me,
You were not only my sister but the best friend anyone could be,
But i am choosing to remember all the happy times that there were,
Like when ide drag myself around like carlton off Fresh Prince Of Bell Air
Just to make you laugh hysterically without a care,

I will miss you always,
I look forward to the days,
We will spend together again,
When we meet in heaven,

Younger Sister Abigail

Beautiful daughter Candice by her dad

Candice and Solomon

Candice you came into my life in June 2002 when I first met your mother at your home in Archway London. I’m not sure what you thought then of this strange white man entering your mother’s life – you never said. But we grew to love each other and I took you as my own daughter when I married your mother in June 2003. You came with us to Hull from London much against your wishes then, although you quickly came to love Yorkshire.

I remember how you laughed at everything, how you loved Grapevine 2003 but hated my plastic Reliant Kitten car. You were an instant hit with my other children: Danny, Melissa, Richard and Abigail. Annette and I were so pleased with how you all got on together and how you loved and supported each other – such a beautiful thing to see.

I remember how you and Abigail both worked at Butterflies nursery and caused great confusion when you announced you were both sisters, the other staff asking “well how does your family work then?” – it worked really well though didn’t it !

You brought Solomon to us and my bond with him was so strong. He was the child Annette and I never had and we loved you living next door to us at 46 Frodsham Street. Then the Lord said to me “Candice wants a husband” and so I told you to go online in the same way that I found your mother. You found a cracking husband in Jonathan and I couldn’t have found a better man for you than him. With Jonathan you gave us the twins Amelia and Hannah. Thank you for all the joy you and your family have brought us. We love all of you so much.

My pain shows me just how much and how deeply I loved you and oh Candice – help me – how much I miss you darling.

Dad Tim

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